Berlioz base

Berlioz base is a basic Berlioz application that is ready to use and designed as a base for Berlioz projects.

It follows the recommended conventions for Berlioz Web applications such as the standard file layout and standard mapping.

It is an open source project available on Github at: 


You can start using Berlioz with minimal setup. All you really need is to download it and have Java JDK 8 installed on your machine.

You can download Java from Oracle or get the OpenJDK if you're on Linux or MacOS.

You can simply download the zip , or use a Git client to get a copy of the Berlioz base repository.

If you already have Git installed, use the following command:

$ git clone
$ cd berlioz-base


This project includes a Gradle wrapper to start the application.

Gradle will automaticallly download all dependencies, including Jetty and start the Web application (be patient the first time!).

You can start the Berlioz with:

$ gradlew run

When Berlioz starts it will print the following on the console:

[BERLIOZ_INIT] ===============================================================
[BERLIOZ_INIT] Initialing Berlioz 0.10.2...


[BERLIOZ_INIT] ===============================================================

You can then access the app at:

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