Berlioz admin

An administration console for Berlioz to check the configuration, files, caching, logs and general performance of a Berlioz application.


Berlioz admin isn't built-in to Berlioz but it is easy to install. It includes the following features:

  • view and reload global configuration
  • view and reload services
  • manage caching
  • monitor application performance
  • view content files managed by the application
  • access code documentation
  • access recent and file logs
  • monitor system and environment

Global configuration

Review the global configuration used by Berlioz while the system is live.

bzadmin config.png


Browse all the services in use by the system.

bzadmin services.png


Examine cache entries, clear caches and review cache configuration.

bzadmin caching.png

PSML files

Browse files published in the PSML folder.

bzadmin files.png

Application statistics

Display live statistics about the performance of your generator and services.

bzadmin application.png

XSLT documentation

Browse generated XSLT documentation.

bzadmin documentation.png


View recent log entries, stored log entries and update the logging threshold when trying to resolve issues on a live system.

bzadmin logs.png


Display information about your system such as JVM memory usage, available disk space, CPU usage and live threads.

bzadmin system.png

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