Raw output

The XML output of a Berlioz service prior to transformation. It is always application/xml using utf-8.

The raw output is what is being fed into the XSLT transformer to generate the final output returned by Berlioz. When using kickstart or the standard mapping the raw output is available using the .src extension.

berlioz transformation


The raw output is always XML and has the following structure.

<root service="[service_id]" group="[group]">
  <!-- Only one header, always first -->
    <location scheme="[http|https]" host="[host]" port="[port]" path="[path_info].[ext]" query=""
    <path info="[path_info]" extension=".[ext]"/>
      <parameter name="[name]">[value]</parameter>
      <parameter name="[name]">[value]</parameter>
      <parameter name="[name]">[value]</parameter>
    <berlioz version="0.10.2" mode="[mode]">
  <!-- As many content elements as there are generators defined in services.xml -->
  <content generator="[class_name]"
                etag="[etag_if_cacheable]"> ... </content>



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