Global configuration


The Berlioz global configuration file defines properties for Berlioz and for the content generators running in Berlioz. It is the main configuration point for Berlioz.

Any property defined in this file will be available in the content generators using the GlobalSettings class. Libraries providing Berlioz generators also define their own configuration properties.

The global configuration can also be used to define your own configuration options for you app.


This article mainly documents the format, for the actual properties follow the link below:

File Format

There are two possible file formats for the global settings.

XML file

This is the simplest type of configuration. The name of the properties are generated using the concatenation of the attribute names and their parent element. The property value if the attribute value. The document element is ignored.

For example:

  <myapp test="abc" acme="true"/>

Will create the following property:


Properties file

It is also possible to use a simple properties file.


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